• 8 SiC die per switch
  • 800 Amps, 800 Volts
  • Rth <0.05 C/W (10 L/M Coolant Flow)


  • Texas Instruments C2000 based control card
  • NXP GD3162 gate driver IC’s
  • Melexis hall effect current sense
  • DC-Link capacitor
  • Firmware + PC based GUI for quick evaluation
  • Electrical and Liquid Cooling Connections


Configurable Drive Capability

  • Continuous PWM or Pulse Sequencing
  • Pulse On / Pulse Off Durations
  • Switching Dead Time
  • Low-side Only or High-Side Only Switching
  • Complementary Switching
  • Double Pulse Test

Monitors & Displays

  • Voltage, Current
  • Computed Electrical Resistance – RDS(on)
  • Computed estimated Junction Temperature

Safety Overrides

  • Temperature, Current, & Voltage

Marel reimagines power electronics – both thermally and electrically – allowing semiconductors to be used to their full potential.

Marel’s die-agnostic power-stack reduces system size by 75%, and weight by 50%, while using fewer semiconductors.

Quickly customizable, fast to market, massively scalable, and supply chain resilient.

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